Your sanitary ware doesn’t have to be (boring) white!

a couple kissing in a yellow bathtub surrounded by rubber ducks

…and if it already is in pink, yellow or avocado slightly outdated colour, I can help you to make it more modern (white), but…

I offer a colour match and colour change for resurfacing and repair service. More important, thanks to own mixing scheme, I can also offer that for furniture and other surfaces that require a splash of paint.

If you want to check what the bath re enamel service is, click _!HERE!_

The standard option for restoring the bathroom ware is a very glossy brilliant white finish. It is, however not the limit for what you can choose for your bathtub surface colour. I can offer most from popular scheme’s as RAL or British Standard so whether you are a designer in a process of creation of a very special look or a lucky owner of an ocean blue toilet set, I’ll fit into the existing colour scheme and be happy to assist in your project.

In colour we Trust!

One of the recent projects I did was to spray 3 bathtubs in the same place, all in a different colour. Each bathroom in a 1935 house has a different colour design and the carer of the building wanted to keep it as the original. Important is to mention, that hardly ever all the sanitary ware is in the exact same colour in a bathroom, even if it all says it’s the ‘cashmere beige’ for example.  So I had to decide whether I match the soap shelf, toilet or the basin when creating the colour for the bathtub. The challenge was accomplished over two days and the results you can see on pictures to this article (below).  It’s worth mention here that I was proud to do the service for National Trust on this occasion.

Please contact me if your project needs more than standard white resurfacing, I can also apply a colour sanitary silicone to compliment the look of a restored unit.

blue art deco free standing bathtub after re enamelling

One of the colour-matched bath resurfacing. Colour to match a soap shelf – often each sanitary piece is a slightly different colour.

50 shades of white…

paint swatch colour

If you don’t owe a coloured bathtub from the ’30s and not in a ‘funky’ mood to experiment with my colour swatches, you may still ask me to match to the existing white of your basin or toilet when I come to restore your bath or shower base. When I do a small chip repair, I always have to do a colour match, and my standard white, almost never match the surface I’m repairing. Most often it’s a white-cream, a bit greyish with a tone of red or yellow, making me sweating (no, not swearing ;)) to produce the best shade and accurate match so the repair will be as invisible as it can. The accurate colour match ‘by eye’, (that is often the only option) is a true state of the art and takes a lot of practice and so not every bath enameling business offers that service. Give me a call, and I’ll save your bathroom from monochromatic boredness :)

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