Bath re enamelling – is it still needed in 2023?

A look into the mirror after years of trading as the ‘bath doctor’.

bath re enamelled enameller eager beaver

It is older than me but now that bath looks better than me – self-portrait at the job ;) Like new bathtub refinishing.

Hi again – I’m still alive. Your favourite foreign bath refinisher ;) I have been quiet for a long time. Not because, I’ve stopped doing bath resurfacing. It was actually because I am busy helping people get their bathrooms shiny white again. For the last few years, business is going well, but I feel that I’ve lost connection with a website for too long. So here You go, a new blog article after only 4 years! You can thank me in the comments, do thumbs up, subscribe, favourite dance and all that…Let’s move to the interesting part – am I still need it for the modern world?

  • BISH!

    Bath re enamelling - is it still needed in 2023? 1
  • BASH!

    Bath re enamelling - is it still needed in 2023? 2
  • RESURFACED BATH! more is in the gallery on my website (showing off).

    Bath re enamelling - is it still needed in 2023? 3

Still shining among the industry standard – more HERE

My clients keeps me motivated…OK, most of them.

Bath re enamelling - is it still needed in 2023? 4

A favourite one – an expensive carpet and wallpaper. Renovation of an acrylic or enamel bath always starts with one principle – never enough preparation, and careful masking…unless You want to say hello to a liability insurance customer service.

Bath re enamelling - is it still needed in 2023? 5

When I started resurfacing baths years ago (in a galaxy far far away), I wasn’t aware of how big or small the demand for bath repairs would be. First I thought – how many people would have an old iron bath in their bathroom that would be worth upcycling?

Having a Polish background, where either one or the other war and then communism put a stamp on our country, we didn’t have so many untouched heritage properties left, or such amazing rolltop baths to restore. Starting my career as a bath enameller in the UK, I was sure that this is maybe a part-time or a short-term position. Then I will go back spraying something that has wheels.

Let’s skip forward to the present day before I’ll get nostalgic. Hundreds of enamel repairs later, I can tell now – I was so wrong ;)
The job made me experience the beauty of the design and culture of bathing here in England. The vital role in that is played not only by the heritage property owners but also clients such as bathroom antique sellers, designers, and often individuals searching in reclamation yards to use that forgotten beauty in their new bathroom project.

The joy of transforming a heritage bath that looks sorry, into something that is a center of a bathroom project, a client smile, and of course a fair payment, proves that I’ve found my niche.

Thank You to all previous clients for your trust in my magic man skills – while I sometimes wanted to turn around and run away from what occupied Your bathroom, You still had no doubt that I’m the man for the job and I always tried to deliver my best.

What is my future as a bath doctor or a bath man? Doing baths, sinks, showers, repairing hundreds of cosmetic damage – I can’t think of anything else I could be doing now :)

Will I repair every bathroom ware, no matter how badly damaged is it? No, and replacement sometimes is inevitable. With mass-produced basins, often it cost less to replace than materials I’ll use for acrylic or ceramic repair. I don’t have ammunition to persuade otherwise, then – replace it. Maybe one last before You do – read about the environmental impact of replacement vs bath enamelling, as I already did a little text HERE.

Visit the service page for shower tray resurfacing or small repairs to a bath or shower if you have a problem with your bathroom, and book my repair now!

bath enamelling cost in 2023? Does it make sense to spray bath, if the new ones are cheap?

As the choice to keep old vs new is not always about the price only, I’ll focus on what impacted on my business cost much recently.

The quality factor is at the most important for me, which then reflect in the reviews, but does also a bit more expensive for my bath re enamelling service. I use the best possible materials for the job. The result – no problems with the surface long run. The problem – as many other items, the chemicals used are imported, and the last years with conflict in Ukraine, global pandemic, and other disruptions, put a stamp on what the bath resurfacing cost from my perspective. I have to pay distributors for materials, the diesel and wages are adding also.

Yes, I’m not the cheapest on the internet but consider it a good investment, when bath repair materials can withstand a time of over a decade or longer (if looked after).

What will You pay for a top-quality bath resurfacing? Please, divide the cost by the years it will serve You and your family. There is no point to compare between £20 difference among the bath enameling businesses, but their quality and who will come to help with Your bath.

  • Bath re enamelling - is it still needed in 2023? 6

A modern artistic Agape bath designed by Patricia Urquiola, where I’ve practiced an art of colour matched repairs

Prestigious hotel near Bath Spa, a joy to visit and help.

Competition, online presence and how badly broken it is now.

Bath re enamelling - is it still needed in 2023? 7

Most of the resurfacing jobs are scheduled in situ. If necessary, I can receive or collect Your bath or sink in my little spray shop in Bridgend, Wales.

Bath re enamelling - is it still needed in 2023? 8

The hole in a corner is gone. Warrantied repair.

Talking about the quality and how to differ one business and its methods from another, I’ve made a post that will help You HERE.

Quite common trend in all services that have an online presence, is to build a business that the main foundation is aggressive marketing. Sadly, quality and ethics are not going hand in hand too often. SEO agencies these days are everywhere, in my trade also. One thing I did differently than many ‘big nationwide franchises is that I deserved each online review, none is fake or heavily moderated. I still have a lot of personal satisfaction from the job well made, and don’t have to fake it. I like spraying baths, and I do it like I would like to see it for myself.

If You have a minute – check the results – I’m sure that any business person, would be happy to see such a reputation. If I did some acrylic or enamel repair for You – leave me a comment HERE.

Do I enjoy bath repairs after years doing it?

The most important – am I still having some fun, after all these years.
YES! Definitely. I’ve moved house to South Wales, having a small spray shop next to my home location. I do learn new things and products while doing the old tricks at the master level. It is a good moment in a career when I can do a lot but do not must do all.

I’ll see You in Your bathrooms,

Below is another example of a sprayshop made restoration of a sink. That ceramic one was in a similar stage to the one next to it. If You require a shallow sink restored for Your project, do contact us.

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