Frequently Asked Questions:

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How do I look after your resurfaced bath?

– It is recommended that each time you use the resurfaced bath, cover the base with cold water before turning on the hot tap.
– For everyday cleaning I recommend using a non abrasive and non bleach containing cleaner. Abrasive cleaners will scratch the surface, you should never use them.
– Replace worn washers on dripping taps to prevent surface marking or other damage.
– Make sure that your bath is properly levelled and there are no water deposits standing for a long period of time.
– Suction bath mats or suction pillows should not be used with resurfaced bath and can void your warranty.
If you require a non slip application to the bottom of your shower or bath contact me to discuss the details.
– Solvent based materials such as acetone (nail varnish), lacquer thinners and paint stripper will damage your bath.

For any other question contact or call/text to 07923167731 – Tomasz.

Other questions:

How long it takes to resurface the bathtub, sink, etc.?

– It usually takes around 6-8 hours for a full resurfacing service of your sanitary ware. The process involves masking the room, preparation of a surface, application, drying time, polishing and tidying up.

How quickly can I use my bath after resurfacing?

– It is ready to be used after 4-24 hours. It’s dry to touch when I finish but needs extra time before you can stand on it and use hot water. Full product strength is achieved after 4-7 days of curing in average room temperature.

Is it expensive to use your service?

– It is a low cost to have your bathtub, shower tray or sink/basin restored over replacement. I provide you with a quality one day service, free from plumbing, tiling, mess, fuss and it’s environmental friendly.

The guide list price is here:

How far will you travel?

– As a general rule, I cover a radius of two hours one way from a BS23 postcode. I worked as far as the Isle of Islay, whenever it economically makes sense I can do extra distance upon requesting.

Do you only serve domestic customers?

– Mainly but also work for builders and plumbing companies, hotels, housing associations, landlords, bed and breakfast, developers etc. If you have multiple baths to look after I can offer discounted rates.

I’m not sure what my shower, tub is made of? How will I know if it can be resurfaced?

– I resurface all types of bathtubs. Please send a picture, and I will help. If you still want to know what the material is, here is a simple test. Take a small magnet – if it holds to the side of a bath it’s made from iron, or it’s a pressed steel.
Plastic (Acrylic) unit is made from fiberglass, Gelcoat or different types of resin – again I can resurface all of it unless the structure of a bath is damaged so severely that I can’t warranty it will last.

Can you repair a porcelain sink that has a hole?

– In most cases, you’ll be surprised what can be restored. Often the damage looks very bad, but modern methods and products are proving that you can repair almost any hard surface around the household. Please, challenge me. I will have another set of pictures for the portfolio, and you will save some money by not replacing your unit.

a hard case gallery is in here: SPECIAL

How do I know what service I need to repair my bath?

– The easiest is to send an enquiry and attach some pictures of a damaged area.
If it’s chipped, scratched, in one to three places, most likely it will be for a chip repair;
If it has a hole, crack all the way along, structural damage in acrylic etc. it can be called ‘a special repair’ service;
When the surface is rough, it’s already resurfaced and blistering, or/and the damage is on the majority of a surface, it will be considered for a full resurfacing job.

Do you use (vitreous) enamel?

– No, because vitreous enamel (powdered glass) needs to be melted in a temperature that would not be safe to use in domestic conditions. Stove enamelling is a different service.

Please read more about what I use in here:

Can we have our bath resurfaced in a different colour to white?

– I can colour match to almost anything. Most bath restorers don’t offer this option now, as the most popular demand is for having your fixture restored to white. Please let me know in advance if you need your bath or shower to be matched to the original colour or your bathroom scheme. I always carry a bit of basic pigments to adjust the standard brilliant white if needed. I may need to order the pigments to recreate non-white colours. More about colour match service here:

Do you warranty the jobs?

– I do. All resurfacing services are covered with appropriate warranty service. If you’d like to see a warranty before the procedure, please let me know, and I’ll email it to you.

Can I buy enamel paint or diy enamel repair kit from you?

– I deliver a service that is a high-quality alternative to a DIY bath re enamelling. If you had your bath resurfaced and suffer from a small chip, you can write me an email and I can let you know what would be the best repair method or even send you some touch-up paint for a small ding on your enamelled bath or shower.