5 examples of time and cost-effective bath enamel repair.

A closer look onto a bath chip repairs to show how I can save you from a problem situation.

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Greetings! Despite describing the service provided by my company on individual service pages, I’d like to put a closer look at some repairs that are a common but stressful scenario.
Bath enamel repairs, chips on the shower tray, little cracks and dings on porcelain doesn’t qualify the item for immediate replacement.
It is qualified for a bit of magic from Eager Beaver.
I will show a few examples here, why you shall consider repairing it.

Example 1: Hotel bathroom refurbishment goes not exactly as planned.

enamel bath chipped

if your hotel bathroom needs urgent maintenance, look at the video how this enamel chip is repaired. Side panel tiles can help as a reference to find the position of repair.

At the very end of the bathroom refurbishment in a prestigious place, a dropped tool did a small ding to the pressed steel bath shoulder. Sadly – it’s in an obvious area. The hotel management was already in despair and in need of an effective solution. It would cost a lot of time to rip the tiles and the bath out, followed by replacement while the floor supposed to be finished soon. Eager Beaver to the rescue!
I arrived the next morning just after 7 am at the central location of a beautiful Bath Spa.
Careful work around the damage with a precise colour match and after about an hour the hotel service guys are over the moon. The bathroom is saved from replacing a newly installed pressed steel bath. I still have time for a quick breakfast before driving to another chip repair location.

Example 2: A new shower tray with an accent.

Later the same day I met a shower tray owner in a similar scenario.
His shower was already in place, all finished but there’s a black spot ruining the immaculate result. That is a bit challenging. The enamel shower tray is flat, reflects a strong light from the top. Colour match is a critical aspect to success here. It is what often decides about the quality of “invisible repairs”. To do the magic it takes about 1.30 hr. Same as getting back home from between Taunton and Exeter. Results are worth it – another happy customer.

Very fine damage, but it can ruin the whole project. Try to find the chipped place after Eager Beaver’s repair (next slide).

Example 3: Ordered, unwrapped, unpleasant!

Bath enamel repair on a beatiful Kaldewei model.
Kaldewei bath after chip repair

This repair is really difficult to detect. Another project is saved.

“We’ve ordered a bath but it was stored and wrapped for several weeks until the rest of the refurbishment takes place. When we realized it’s been damaged in transport, it was already too late for a warranty replacement. It’s a nice and expensive bath – can you save it for us?” – I’ve heard that before, and sure I can. Chipped and dented in a central place of high quality pressed steel bath made by Kaldewei. It would be a shame to throw it to the skip. Colour-matched repair is hard to detect and later the same day I received a text message with thanks.

Example 4: End of tenancy bathroom refurbishment.

Cracked porcelain sink after object dropped on it. End of the tenancy but the beginning of bathroom repairs.

Bristol, some other morning. Letting agency let me in, I don’t meet the house owner as she’s working in London. The Bristol property was let and now the bathroom requires attention prior to other tenants moving in. Cracked basin, and several chips in a bath. Few hours later, it’s a history and a piece of mind for the landlord.

Example 5: Lamp shade fallen onto the bath!

New build estate near Bristol, occupied by a friendly family, that live there for not a long time. They’ve contacted me regarding a little accident that took place in their bathroom. The lampshade was insecure and fallen onto the bath. That looks a bit disturbing and it almost qualifies for full bath resurfacing. I took the extra mile repairing it with an airbrush and colour matched to existing enamel. Results are later reviewed by the customer, Tony. You can find it on Google: “Tomasz did a great job sorting out a deep scratch and chip on our bath enamel. He was polite and on time. I would highly recommend him.”

5 examples of time and cost effective bath enamel repair. 6

Cast iron freestanding bath with taps already relocated several years ago. Remove and fill with fresh material to warranty repair.

5 examples of time and cost effective bath enamel repair. 7

Enamel repair in progress. The loose enamel parts have been removed and the place is reinforced, later followed by finishing fillers, undercoat and colour matched topcoat.

5 examples of time and cost effective bath enamel repair. 8

The final results. The client left a 5* review on Google.

More about bath enamel repair and how to book.

All the above stories are real and recent (Feb 2019). If you need help with your bath enamel damage or any other bathroom ware – here’s the way to contact me (mobile at the top of the page, on the right). Replacement is a costly addition of sometimes a moment of unluck. I help professionals, bathroom manufacturers and bathroom ware sellers. My favourite are domestic clients anyway. I take it personally and always try as hard as I would like to see it when I would have to pay for such a service. This is my promise to you, but you can always check my reviews around the web.

If you don’t have enough of reading my blog – here is some related article. To go to a service page – please use the link here: Chipped bath repair

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