Shower tray repair in Bristol.

Shower tray repair in Bristol that I had a pleasure to offer for one of a local landlords. A beautiful modern accommodation was in a serious need for improvement after the careless tenants. The landlord contacted Eager Beaver to repair the cracks, that surprisingly does not qualify the shower tray to replace yet. Most likely the damage was caused by dropping the shower head on the corner and stepping on the metal waste until the acrylic shower tray cracked. To be able to properly reach the affected place, I’ve asked the landlord to remove the waste before my arrival, and it was also the opportunity to replace the worn metalware along with my service. The repair involved cautious masking of an entire room and setting up an extraction system in the client’s bathroom, followed by reinforcement of special materials (trade secret) that last the stress and can be warrantied. After the affected places have been repaired, the entire acrylic shower tray was deglossed as an important step to create adhesion for the new coatings. I’ve used Hawk Research Labs system to recoat the acrylic shower base, in the white shade that customer decided from the samples demonstrated before spraying the shower tray. The silicone was cut out and later replaced for the client. The shower tray was polished to remove any potential dust specs that could land onto the tray while drying. It is an important step that I take after the resurfacing, to make sure there are no sharp bits in the tray or a bathroom that will impact on the comfort of using the freshly restored item. The whole shower tray resurfacing process took about 5hrs total.